Thursday, October 4, 2007 hook- up

Well where do I start I'm brand new to this blogging thing. I've been reading confessions of a barebacktop and I thought WOW HE DOES THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I DO.So here I thought I would start my own blog.(Not trying to rip off his idea or anything).

I have been cruising the adds on craig list and I have to say people are so full of shit, but anyway I put an add on of me in dragg, I'm no drag queen but you get more masculine men instead of the usual fags. Me i prefere the str8 men or the ones who can pull it off. I'm very selective in who get my ass.OOh year im also HIV neg and have papperwork to prove it, Its a mystery to my why im not POS but i have no answer. I've only hooked-up a few times 5 to be exact all where not bareback 2 were.

But anyway I was on line and met this guy who made my ass wet. He said he was str8 and he likes tvs he sayd he was HIV NEG, i told him to bring the proof that u are neg with u or no deal.,Cool he said.he has 8 .tattoos shaved head muscles that will make you cring, and his dick was beautiful 8 inches cut nice and pink with a fat head, low hangin balls pubs nice and trimmed he's 6 ft.OOh im so into him, but he only likes tv,not men. so we talk for a few weeks off and on our schedules didnt click.But on this sat. night it just worked. he came over, I wasnt sure what to expect I hope he looks like his picks or hes getting the BOOT. wow he is better looking in person. we sat 420, drank some beer, sitting on the sofa.when he just gets up picks me up and puts me on my back and starts kissing and humping me,Now I dont kiss hook-ups but this guy was too good to pass up, great kisser, he had on black nike swishy running pants with a white wife beater and white and black nike shocks with white ankle socks, he starts putting my legs over his ahoulder grinding his cock up and down along my crack, i can feel how big his cock was through the pants ooh i was lovin it, then all of a sudden he picks me up pulls of my skirt rips open my shirt and starts biting my false breast, kissing my neck then he turnes me over and startsa to eat my ass, he never paid much mind to my cock he was havn a feast up in my ass, i could feel his tongue close to my prostate if thats possible. I got hard right away he came back up to kiss me laid me flat on the sofa put my head on the arm rest and climbed on put his dick in my mouth and started to fuck my face, im lovn in hes talking dirty pinching my nose close then shoving his cock deep in my throught so i cant breathe and would gag, but held mine i didnt gag, we did it for a while, so then he askes can i hit that ass, i said sure let me gat a condom and some lube, so went in the bedroom grabbed what i needed.What he didnt know is that i opened the corner of the condom pulled it out bit a hole in the tip and put it back in, so sat him on the sofa i took contron his pants down to his knees adn lifted his wife beater to expose his muscular pecs i spit in the condom to give it som lube and slid it down his cock climbed on facing him and was about to show how poccahantis(sorry for spelling) rides the horse. i used my right hand to put his cock in my ass holding tight at the top so the head would push thru and then slammed down to push in all the way in, ooh my god the pain was so bad it felt good, if u know what i mean, im looking him in his face to see if he has any idea the condom is brocken he just tilted his head back and was loving every pump i gave faster then slower, then he wanted control. great, he picks me up keeping his cock in my ass and lays me on my back and throws my leg over his shoulder and starts to pump like a crazy bastard, he giving me full eye contact all he kept sayoing isa i cant look at your face or im gonna cum you r so fucking hot, im thinlking to my self just shut the fuck up and pound my man hole. we went at it for 1 hour, then i could see it coming, his toes curled his arms stiffen his legs started to shake and the moaning was gettin louder, and i heard ooh shit im gonna blow so i grabbed his hips and pulled then in and that was it i could feel the hot explosive nut in the ass he was ahking everwhere he had to shoot 5 or six times. then stoped looked me in the face and said that was sooo hot, i watched him pull out i wanted to see his reaction, he pulled out so i could see he knew the condom broke but he didnt want me to know, but joke on him i kniw and loved it he slid the condom over the head and stood up as to show me it was still intact, he quickly grabbed a papertowel and pulled it off and flushed it. we talked for a few and then he was out. i went in the bathroom pushed out his load it filled the whole circumference of the top of water in the toilet i was so amazed what a heavy cummer. we talked a few times hooked up one more time for brief session, but im not into dressing up in drag for dick so hell just have to wait till im in the mood, too bad he doenst do boys.

Let me know what u guys think tell me what i left out that u wanna hear thanks for reading, no b/s here